I went to “Chill Mountain Restaurant de Todo bien” held in “Todo bien” in Chuo-cho, Toyooka City!


We went to “Chill Mountain Restaurant de Todo bien” held at “Todo bien” in Toyooka City Chuo-cho for two days from November 23 (Sat) to November 24 (Sun), 2019 It was!

There was also a notice that the announcement was made to the Keihanshin area in advance, and there was not much notice in the Toyooka area, but at a ratio of about 9 to 1, most of the visitors were only outside Toyooka and Tajima areas. did.

There are almost no people in Toyooka …

Famous stores in the city, and the rare Toyooka first-run stores gathered from Tokyo, Kanagawa, Osaka, Wakayama, Okayama, and other places.

At night, in a CLUB-like atmosphere where dance music plays along with a cool VJ, you can sway with a drink in one hand and the pleasant music.

A very urban and cool space that Toyooka had never had before was created by Totooka’s “Todo bien”.

If you touch the belief that “If you do something cool, people will gather” or if you do something cool and interesting, with the brand power of “Chill Mountain”, not only Toyooka, but also from the city, And it was a very enjoyable event that allowed me to reaffirm that I came from overseas.

We will deliver a lot of pictures of such a fun event!


I went to “Chill Mountain Restaurant de Todo bien” held in “Todo bien” in Chuo-cho, Toyooka City!

“Chill Mountain Restaurant de Todo bien” will start at 13:00 on Saturday, November 23rd.

I participated alone this time.

Arrived around 15:00 and entered.

Although it was open, the event has not yet started in earnest.

It was a laid-back start, with people from far-off opening stores arriving and preparing for opening or arriving, but going to Kinosaki for a bit of hot springs.

This is the set list.

Full-fledged DJ play started in the event room from 19:00.

The next day, midnight, or 4:00 start in the early morning.

It ’s completely CLUB.

Enjoy all night long!

This is an event space where night DJ play takes place.

Sound and DJ booth are perfect.

Preparations for opening stores were steadily progressing at the large banquet hall.

Most of the shops in Toyooka and Kansai are the first.

The snow dome making workshop was also exciting.

Of course, a store in Toyooka is also open.

The popular musubi restaurant “58N musubu”.

Everyone from outside Toyooka was even highly acclaimed, saying, “This mussel is dangerous!”

Roast beef bowl of “AK cafe” from Izushi.

This was also very popular.

A steak from Western restaurant “Miyama” on Daikai-dori.

I received this but it was so delicious that it was so delicious.

This is the first time that “Miyama” has opened for such an event.

It seems that the owner of “Todo bien” was asked to go to the store many times.

Tajima’s local sake corner was also prepared.


Drinking style with a bowl.

The smell of wood is good! And local sake was quite popular.

I haven’t taken any photos, but other local rice items such as “Mai Marche” baked sweets and “Pine Needle” Thai curry were also popular.

It was lunch, so I had some coffee.

“Tiny Bird Coffee Service” specialty coffee from Tokyo.

A cup of coffee that you can drink very carefully while measuring the temperature.

“We are black only.”

Style without milk or sugar.

It was very tasty and it changed its taste completely when it was hot and when it was cold.

Dancing with fun music at night!

I came home before 17:00.

Finish the children’s bath and rice and re-enter around 21:00!

The atmosphere was completely different from that in the daytime, and the number of people increased considerably.

There was cool music in the event room and many people enjoyed the music.

The music and the production were all cool!

I couldn’t dance, so I was jerking behind.

There were almost no people in Toyooka, but I still knew some of them, so I talked with them, the owners of “Todo bien” and DJs, and had a great time. I was able to spend it.

It feels really good with alcohol.

I didn’t come by car at night, so I enjoyed drinking on this day.

Somehow, I enjoyed it until 2:00 in the middle of the night.

The event itself will continue until morning.

I’ve been in Osaka for a long time, and I’ve felt it for a long time

When I left “Todo bien”, I thought, “It was fun …!”

I think there are various causes such as “Let’s make Toyooka lively” and “Let’s stop population decline”.

However, after all, I felt that I had to do something “cool” and “interesting”.

In that sense, I’ve pulled such an event that wasn’t in Toyooka so far, and I’m really prepared for “Mercenary” who brought people into Toyooka from the city and from abroad! cool! I thought.

And above all, I was very impressed and pleased that the first Toyooka people who came to Toyooka said, “Toyooka is interesting!”.

The owner was laughing, “It seems to be a little burnout …”, but “and mercenary” will continue to hold various events and plans, so we continued to pay attention. I want it!

The 2nd day could not be reached due to various circumstances, but “Chill Mountain Restaurant de Todo bien” which was very exciting for 2 days was a really fun event.

I hope there will be another event like this!

“Todo bien”, everyone who opened the store from a distance, those who came to play, really tired.

Please visit Toyooka again!



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