I went to Kinosaki Onsen cafe “OFF.KINOSAKI”!


Since opening in April of this year, I finally went to Kinosaki Onsen’s cafe / restaurant “OFF.KINOSAKI”, which I wanted to visit all the time.

It was about 15 minutes by car from Toyooka city where I live to Kinosaki Onsen, but I couldn’t go because the timing was not right.


A cafe in Kinosaki Onsen, the long-sought “OFF.KINOSAKI”!

The photos of wine and dishes that flow on Instagram are really fashionable and look delicious.
Above all, the overall atmosphere is really cool.

Originally, there was another store behind Toyooka Station, but the name changed in April and moved to Kinosaki.

There was a shop called “WOLF DINER” at the place of “EAT”.

I couldn’t go here, but it was a very popular store.

“OFF.KINOSAKI” is located along Kiyamachi Street, one side of the main street of Kinosaki Onsen Street.

This Kiyamachi street is also very popular and is one of the popular spots in Kinosaki where you can pass through cherry blossoms in the spring.

Kiyamachi-dori, which has such a taste, is simple at first glance, but there is a white building with a great sense.


Ice latte and bake welt tart are delicious!

I was going to enjoy lunch slowly, but various schedules went crazy and I visited around 15:00, so this time it was a quiet cafe.

“OFF.KINOSAKI” also has delicious watered coffee! It was already sold out that day. Sorry.

So I ordered ice latte.

When I looked at the counter where the menu table is located, there was a tasty tart menu called “Bake Welt Tart”, so I ordered it with ice latte.

Homemade raspberry jam, moist cake with plenty of almonds.

It was quite annoying to order a set of iced latte and tart alone, but it’s fine.

A system that pays money first at the counter.

I paid the money and sat in a seat for two.

The inside of the store is not so large, but white is the main, the sofa by the window is bright blue, and it was a very open shop where you can slowly look out from the large window.

The wall on the opposite side of the window was displayed with cool and stylish wine on the other side partitioned by glass.

I didn’t take pictures because there were many customers in the store.

“Ice Latte” and “Bake Welt Tart” arrive!

Let’s eat!

Umm! !

“Ice latte” is a lot of milk and the espresso fragrance is very good.


“Bake Welt Tart” is very moist.
The acidity of raspberry jam is very refreshing.
It’s accented with a sugar-like sugar on top.
The texture is not too soft and I like the hardness.
very delicious!


“OFF.KINOSAKI” is very particular about coffee.

An original blend of Ethiopia and Guatemala.

“OFF.KINOSAKI original coffee” blended by cafe “ONIBUS COFFEE” in Tokyo.

The beloved “OFF BLEND” beans started selling in August, so I wanted to drink them too.

Of course, don’t hesitate to get home!

I would like to drink this coffee again and write a review!

A simple package is cool!

Yes, “OFF.KINOSAKI” is simple.

Sense that shines because it is simple!

I would like to refer to such an atmosphere as a person who is doing web design.

Kinosaki Onsen’s cafe “OFF.KINOSAKI” was a wonderful shop than I expected!

Actually I wanted to taste it more slowly, but I had the next plan, so I enjoyed ice latte and tart and immediately left the shop.

I was glad to talk about the baseball in high school with the owner for a while.

I would like to have lunch or dinner next time.

As long as you ask a lot of people, the food is definitely delicious! !

I want to drink a wide variety of wines!

Ah, I want to go again soon! !

“OFF.KINOSAKI” ‘s Instagram will show you some stylish photos and comments that say “Please enjoy it tonight”.

If you take a walk at night, you only have a glass of wine. It’s too beautiful! !

I will definitely revisit soon!

“OFF.KINOSAKI” is recommended!

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536 Yujima Kinosakicho, Toyooka City, Hyogo Prefecture

TEL: 0796-21-9083

OFF.KINOSAKI’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/off.kinosaki/

* Please check the official information for business hours, regular holidays, menus, etc.!



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